Laurie's Healing Hands Massage Therapy 

"Specialized treatment for chronic pain, injuries, tension and stress"

Laurie's Healing Hands Massage Therapy


Aids in recovery of pulled muscles, strained ligaments

Improves nutrition to the body's cells, organs & tissue

Relieves and decreases tension related headaches

Enhances and boosts the body's immune system

Reduces swelling and improves circulation

Relieves muscle tension and stiffness, muscle spasms

Improves posture, balance and gait

Eases chronic and acute joint and muscle pain

Regular visits can decrease blood pressure

Increases joint flexibility and range of motion

Reduces discomfort during pregnancy

Enhances athletic performance


Creates a relaxed state of mental alertness

Increases awareness of mind/body connection

Reduces anxiety

Promotes a feeling of well-being

Helps with the relief of mental stress

Enhances the ability to monitor stress signals

Enhances body awareness

Stimulates the release of endorphins

Enhances & promotes peace of mind

   **Before receiving a massage, if you've had cancer, that you must be in remission for at least 6 months and/or have a doctor's release of approval. We also ask the same if you have uncontrolled high blood pressure or for complicated pregnancies.